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Here the Mighty Rule is game about the stories we tell playing fighting games. Inspired by games like Garou: MotW, Street Fighter, and Killer Instinct, this PbtA hack is for those who solve their problems with their fists.
This game is very much a game still in progress. This is a super early draft of it while I'm making some changes, so keep that in mind before checking it out.


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A few disclaimers before I comment:

At best, I'm a Fake Fighting Game Nerd. I grew up with the old-school classics, but I was absolute crap at playing them.

I've never taken part in the FGC, and lots of my knowledge is second-hand from acquaintances. I'm familiar with the concepts -- frame data, hit/hurtboxes, meaties, all that -- because it's relevant to some of my freelance work. But otherwise, I am a filthy button-masher who plays fighting games only casually. 

That said:

  • This seems like a potentially well-executed way to capture the fighting game vibe on the tabletop, without bogging down the process with unnecessary math and crunch.
  • The varying dice pools is particularly clever mechanic, even if it moves the game away from baseline PbtA.
  • I could have missed it, but the Game Manual doesn't seem to mention how to calculate starting Max HP and Max EX. Will those be specified in dedicated playbooks? 
  • Speaking of playbooks, really eager to see what kind of skins you come up with, if any. I'm guessing these would be built around specific combination of flavor + moveset? 
  • What kind of visuals did you have in mind?

I'm open to help playtest this, if I found the right group.

By the way, for Goon Jam, I made Goon Fighter, my own TRPG influenced by fighting games (although it also has beat-em-up elements). Admittedly, mine is more flavor-driven. The gameplay elements aren't implemented nearly as well as yours. Any kind of honest feedback would be most welcome!

Hey Paolo!
Thanks for taking a look at my game! I admittedly have not gone back to it in a little but I do hope to. It was a rush to get it done for the Dream Jam lol
A lot of the game is specifically inspired by Killer Instinct, which really got me to think about combos better and helped me step my game up.
While the dice pools seem neat, I'm not sure they're different enough to merit staying. I have another idea I'm going to try out? But I'm not confident.
You're right! Max HP/EX should be static. But for the life of me I can't find notes or remember what it should be, I might need to just re-figure out what I was using and get back to you!
For the playbooks I'm not quite sure! I really wanted a game where I could be free to make weird special moves but yeah the custom specials are ironically feeling kind of limiting.
Visually I had Garou: Mark of the Wolves and other SNK fighters in mind (hence the title). 
I will def check out Goon Fighter! I love to see the different ways people approach the genre. I'm admittedly not that familiar with Tunnel Goons, should I start there before reading Goon Fighter or do I not need that?